Communication Courses

Everyone’s talking – but does anyone hear?  

Presenting a range of stimulating courses that enhance and build on existing skills to allow individuals and groups to develop the necessary range of skills to effectively communicate with their “communities”.

We all recognise the challenges of getting our messages across in an increasingly information overloaded world.  Historically the average US Presidential candidate “sound bite” in 1968 was 60 seconds.  Just twenty years later in 1988 it was a mere 8.5 seconds.  Since that time a bewildering range of communication channels have totally changed the way we all process information.  Successful organisations who want inform and involve their communities must ensure that their staff have the skills to be able to get their message out there.


Course 1 : Winning friends and influencing everyone – a communication course for modern schools

This course is available to individual or groups of schools.  This course covers the communication essentials that schools need to communicate effectively with their communities.

It can be presented to principals, school executive, administration and teaching staff in a number of flexible formats – one day or over two days depending on the client’s requirements.

These modules while related can be easily redesigned into single or combined units or as a one-off course for educators wanting to develop their communication skills.

Modules include:

1. The importance of multi-dimensional communication and how you can use it to manage your school’s image

Examines all aspects of building a strong school image through brand consistency and developing a communication plan and associated strategies you can employ to be perceived as a ‘successful school’.

2. Customer Service  – are they being served?

This course will provide you with the elements of developing a strong customer service culture within your school.

3. Effective writing – message sent is not always message received

Looks at the principles of effective written communication that will allow you to write for a range of audiences and in a range of mediums.  The course will also ensure that you can reach a range of target groups effectively using appropriate communication channels and not waste everyone’s time and effort!

4. Managing your school brand and reputation in the media

This course looks at understanding modern media and how to work with it. Developing strategies to gain free positive media coverage and how to deal with perception issues in the press.  Also covers advertising and how to do it effectively at less cost.

5. Writing and developing great content that engages

Schools are communicating to a new generation of parents but many still use traditional methodology with variable results.  This course looks at developing your writing skills for digital media era.

Event Planning – developing community engagement events

Too often school events do not produce what they should – a positive and long-lasting benefit for schools.  This course looks at how to plan and manage events that generate goodwill and promote the school.


Course 2: Quality Communication as a key to increasing workplace performance

Sessions include:

Developing workplace confidence

  • Understanding your role and the value it brings
  • Presenting your viewpoint – a ‘place at the table’
  • Creating a workplace ‘personality’
  • Developing communication strategies for workplace change.

Understanding the nature of organisations and how they work.

  • Organisational theory
  • Organisational culture and building trust
  • Understanding and appreciating difference

Communication: the key to creating positive workplace relationships

  • Non-verbal communication and visual cues
  • Written communication to inform
  • Presentation techniques

Developing a fair and collegial workplace

  • Dealing with challenging people
  • Appropriate assertive strategies to improve workplace behaviours
  • Creating win/win situations


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The flexible delivery of one or groups of these courses can be tailored to suit the current and future needs of your organisation.  Additionally we can create specific courses that target and meet your individual and group professional development requirements.