Presenting Leadership Communication Training for AUF

Last week Rob Asser provided a three module training course for educational leaders across Australia. Representatives were from schools that are part of the wonderful Australian Universal Federation of Education and Culture. Some of the areas covered were Parental Engagement, Listening for leaders and Developing and Maintaining Organisational Trust.

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Local Government Courses now available

A range of specially contextualised courses are now available for all local councils across NSW and Australia.

The key areas of training offered are:

Creating a professional service culture through great communication

This is a course of six modules that can be flexibly delivered either in one-day or half-day settings.  It is suitable for all staff at all levels.  It will give each participant a realistic grounding in why the service they provide matters.

  • Why good service saves time
  • How to develop your own standards and improvement plan
  • Dealing positively with challenging internal and external customers
  • The ‘eyes have it’ – the body language of winning and grinning
  • Understanding different thinking styles in the workplace
  • Positive communication techniques

For ways we can work together please contact Rob Asser

E  M 0412 047 484


Practical Leadership that works for you at every level

With so many definitions, how does a leader work out what works best in a school? An extended workshop helps participants refine their own understanding of leadership in the changing world of local government.

An opportunity to develop a self-improvement plan allows the participants to firstly identify their areas for development and secondly, find appropriate methods to address needs in the busy life of the school.Each course will be contextualised to suit the client’s specific leadership needs.

For ways we can work together please contact Jim White 

E  M 0427 270 243


Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness in times of constant change 

This course will assist participants to recognise the impact of their behaviour on others. They will also learn about helping others build their resilience as well as how to implement some simple strategies to create a harmonious and productive work environment.  Course will be designed to reflect the cultural needs of each client.  They will take into account current environmental challenges that staff may be facing.

For ways we can work together please contact Jim White 

E  M 0427 270 243


Quality Written Communication – message sent is not necessarily message received! 

A short course for everyone in local government that writes and wants to communicate in a more effective and positive way.  It is offered as a half-day course and can be specifically tailored to meet your written communication needs. The areas of coverage include;

  • Writing in pictures – writing that hits the target
  • Fundamental of successful written communication
  • Writing for the SMS Generation
  • Finding the ‘write channel’
  • Benefit-driven writing that creates positive change

We can also offer a service that looks at your current range of written communication and provide ideas for your organisation to improve their perception and overall communication performance.

For ways we can work together please contact Rob Asser

E  M 0412 047 484

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The IMPROVING COMMUNICATION, ENGAGEMENT AND WELL BEING WITHIN YOUR SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY Course held on Friday 4 August proved to be a wonderful success. Evaluations from participants indicated a high level of satisfaction with both the content and delivery of the course.

Due to popular demand the course will run again in 2018.  Contact Rob at to register.

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Resilience and Well-Being in the Workplace training

Demand for our new course, “Resilience and Well-Being in the Workplace”, has shown a significant interest in programs that improve relations in the working environment. Workplace leaders need to be aware of the health and well-being of their teams and their organisations as a whole. The good news is that resilience can be developed, both individually, and in teams.

Many workplaces have undergone significant change in recent years. Change is inevitable and an example is the ever increasing impact that technology has on people both at home and in the workplace.  The internet and social media provide far greater access to information. Technology has also increased productivity and changed many of roles and responsibilities in the workplace. All of these changes can impact on the health and well-being of individuals and teams.

The Resilience and Well-Being in the Workplace course helps participants recognise the impact of their behaviour on others. They will also learn about helping others build their resilience as well as how to implement some simple strategies to create a harmonious and productive work environment.

The course will continue to be offered across NSW during 2018 and it can be designed specifically for your organisation. For further information please contact

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‘Well Ahead Teachers’ Training in Warren

On Wednesday 3rd February the staff at Warren Central School will participate in training specifically designed for the school.  The Well Ahead Teachers course looks at effective strategies to improve communication, engagement and well being within your school and community.

The training has six modules, they are:

Module 1: Image, engagement and improving how you and your school are seen within the community

Module 2: Leadership that works for everyone

Module 3: Parent-centred service and dealing with challenging situations. Creating a genuine collaborative and service culture across your school.

Module 4: Improving your health and well-being within the workplace and in life

Module 5: Positive thinking and collegial behaviour – understanding and valuing difference in the workplace and dealing with change

Module 6: Improving your communication skills within the workplace and community.

Jim White and Rob Asser are looking forward to working with principal, Duncan Lovelock and his team.

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Bathurst and Dubbo receive Well Ahead Training

Administrative staff from the Bathurst and Dubbo areas will undergo Well Ahead training during September.

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North Coast administrative staff are ‘Well Ahead’

Last week just under a hundred school administrative staff from north coast schools attended Well Ahead training.

The one-day Well Ahead program looks at the impact of the workplace on health. The program provides a variety of techniques for improving both work and general health habits so that participants can have a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

The evaluation comments said it all – and looked as if we had written them.

“Lots of positive information to take away.”

“Awesome presenters – fun and enjoyable.”

“Course kept all participants engaged very enjoyable.”

 “There should be more of this type of training rolled out state-wide on a regular basis

“This course would be great for all admin staff in the office to attend so everyone is on the same page. Hopefully more will be held over the year for the others.”

“Great delivery and resources materials and two very different facilitators.”

We will be running more courses across the state in the coming months.  If you are in a school on the North Coast or in the Newcastle area don’t miss out!


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Funding community engagement – will it work?

NSW State Government has just announced that they are giving every public school $9,500 “to undertake community engagement activities.”

A great initiative – but just what do schools do with this rather small seed funding?  The temptation will be for some principals to channel the money into an existing albeit possibly worth project.

Principals who believe that engagement only happens when schools actually create an environment that the community feel comfortable in and see themselves as equal partners rather than ‘bit’ players.

In response ALACT have developed Positive Partnerships – a very hands-on one day training program for schools to give them the skills and strategies to dramatically increase community participation with their school.

Designed specifically for school staff and community members Positive Partnerships will provide you with practical, ready to use strategies for:

  • Communicating positively with your community
  • Developing a strategic engagement plan
  • Creating a customer focus
  • Developing community events
  • Skill and project partnerships within your community

The one-day course can be delivered in a way to suit your individual school or school groups and will be tailored to suit local needs. It is strongly suggested that community and parent members are part of the team that attends the training.

The presenters, Jim White and Rob Asser are highly experienced in communications, school operations and school improvement and now run highly successful professional development sessions for staff in the private sector, universities and schools across NSW.

For more information on how Positive Partnerships can work for your school call Jim White on 0427 270 243 or email


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Well Ahead – a course that can change the way people work and live

Feedback about the Well Ahead professional development training continues to be incredibly positive.

A group of administration staff from schools in the New England attended a one-day Well Ahead course in Tamworth NSW recently and below is how they found the training – in their own words:

Every session was interesting and presented brilliantly with humour. A very productive day. Both presenters were great!

Fantastic presenters – engaging – funny and extremely helpful!


Thank you both for a great course – you are appreciated.

Great presenters. Very informative and entertaining.

Great course – thank you!

Thank you!  A beaut day. Very helpful and positive learning experience.


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