‘Well Ahead Teachers’ Training in Warren

On Wednesday 3rd February the staff at Warren Central School will participate in training specifically designed for the school.  The Well Ahead Teachers course looks at effective strategies to improve communication, engagement and well being within your school and community.

The training has six modules, they are:

Module 1: Image, engagement and improving how you and your school are seen within the community

Module 2: Leadership that works for everyone

Module 3: Parent-centred service and dealing with challenging situations. Creating a genuine collaborative and service culture across your school.

Module 4: Improving your health and well-being within the workplace and in life

Module 5: Positive thinking and collegial behaviour – understanding and valuing difference in the workplace and dealing with change

Module 6: Improving your communication skills within the workplace and community.

Jim White and Rob Asser are looking forward to working with principal, Duncan Lovelock and his team.

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