North Coast administrative staff are ‘Well Ahead’

Last week just under a hundred school administrative staff from north coast schools attended Well Ahead training.

The one-day Well Ahead program looks at the impact of the workplace on health. The program provides a variety of techniques for improving both work and general health habits so that participants can have a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

The evaluation comments said it all – and looked as if we had written them.

“Lots of positive information to take away.”

“Awesome presenters – fun and enjoyable.”

“Course kept all participants engaged very enjoyable.”

 “There should be more of this type of training rolled out state-wide on a regular basis

“This course would be great for all admin staff in the office to attend so everyone is on the same page. Hopefully more will be held over the year for the others.”

“Great delivery and resources materials and two very different facilitators.”

We will be running more courses across the state in the coming months.  If you are in a school on the North Coast or in the Newcastle area don’t miss out!


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