Funding community engagement – will it work?

NSW State Government has just announced that they are giving every public school $9,500 “to undertake community engagement activities.”

A great initiative – but just what do schools do with this rather small seed funding?  The temptation will be for some principals to channel the money into an existing albeit possibly worth project.

Principals who believe that engagement only happens when schools actually create an environment that the community feel comfortable in and see themselves as equal partners rather than ‘bit’ players.

In response ALACT have developed Positive Partnerships – a very hands-on one day training program for schools to give them the skills and strategies to dramatically increase community participation with their school.

Designed specifically for school staff and community members Positive Partnerships will provide you with practical, ready to use strategies for:

  • Communicating positively with your community
  • Developing a strategic engagement plan
  • Creating a customer focus
  • Developing community events
  • Skill and project partnerships within your community

The one-day course can be delivered in a way to suit your individual school or school groups and will be tailored to suit local needs. It is strongly suggested that community and parent members are part of the team that attends the training.

The presenters, Jim White and Rob Asser are highly experienced in communications, school operations and school improvement and now run highly successful professional development sessions for staff in the private sector, universities and schools across NSW.

For more information on how Positive Partnerships can work for your school call Jim White on 0427 270 243 or email


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