Australian Leadership and Communication Training (ALACT) provides innovative leadership and communication training for the executive and staff of both public and private sector organisations.

Our emphasis is on creativity in the workplace and providing skills to create positive work environments where great things happen.

Included in this training is a new range of courses designed specifically for local government.  Courses include Across Council Quality Service Strategies, Practical Leadership, Resilience and Mental Toughness for changing workplaces and Positive Written Communication.

As well we offer the exciting new work/lifestyle training program, Well Ahead and the BOSTES accredited course “Improving communication, engagement and well-being within your school and community”.

Founded by James White and Rob Asser, ALACT currently provides advice and training around Australia for all that matters in leadership and communication.  Unlike larger and less hands-on organisations, ALACT can create personalised and flexible learning modules for individuals and groups.

About Dr James White – Executive Director

Jim has wide-reaching experience in the largest educational system in the southern hemisphere, the NSW Department of Education and Communities where he worked for close to four decades across leaderships positions including Regional Director, Acting Executive Director Connected Communities, School Education Director, Secondary Principal, K-12 Principal and regional consultant.

In 2013 
Jim was awarded the Public Sector Medal for outstanding service to public education, in recognition of his significant contribution to the primary, secondary and tertiary public education sector. He is also the recipient of the Director General’s Award for Excellent Service to Public Education and Training. Jim is an Australian Council for Educational Leaders Fellow and Clarke Memorial Prize awardee.  Currently Jim is involved in research into leadership and teaching and learning at the University of New England. In this role he will be working both nationally and internationally.

His current work as Adjunct Professor in the School of Education (University of New England) encompasses leadership, teacher training, Aboriginal education and improving student learning in schools.

Dr White also works as a private consultant in leadership, communications and educational change. His research into the role of the school leader in changing school image has provided a wealth of knowledge and strategies for school improvement. He now provides professional development for educators, teachers, parents, students and other educational organisations throughout Australia and internationally.

About Rob Asser – Executive Director

Rob has worked extensively as a senior manager in the corporate communication area of the largest educational system in the southern hemisphere for close to two decades.

As Communication Manager for the then Department of School Education he managed all statewide functions related to corporate and stakeholder communication including statewide events, publications, media and promotions. Rob has managed the concept development and strategy implementation for large advertising and social influence campaigns in both the private and public sectors including “Teach and make a difference”.

From 2003 until 2012 he developed and managed the School Promotions Strategy delivering training to over a thousand school communities across NSW. In 2007 the program was credited with being a major contributor to increased enrolments across NSW public schools.

During the same period Rob and his team provided start-up funding, strategic advice and support to the development of 120 learning communities across over 900 schools in NSW.  In 2011-12 he was awarded the Director-Generals Award for Excellence Service and the NSW Parents and Citizens Award for Service to Schools.

Rob continues to work with private sector groups to improve all aspects of their communication as well as providing relevant communication training to management and staff.

We would enjoy having a conversation with yourself and others in your organisation about how we can effectively meet your leadership and communication training needs.

About Jane Weier- Education Consultant

Jane has worked extensively as a Teacher K-10 in large, Central and small schools in the New England area. Jane has expertise in Behaviour Management, Autism and Learning and Support.

Jane parents a child with special needs and provides first-hand experience as both a parent and educator in meeting the needs of all children. Jane presents and shares her passion as part of the ALACT team.


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